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You already know that massage is not only very enjoyable, but also very useful, and you almost decided to buy a massage chair. Internet shops and salons offer so many options, which can be easily confused. Therefore, many people continue to dream of buying a massage chair and do not dare to do it for years.

How to choose a massage chair? How to choose a massage chair? Indeed, this is a very difficult problem. price range - very large and from the list of functions just in the eyes dazzled.

The simplest vending chair, which we often see in waiting rooms or large shopping centers, carries only roll back massage and vibratory massage the buttocks. These functions are, of course, very nice, but they handle almost any inexpensive cape massage, office massage chair massage chair or rocking chair. But now there are many seats with new features. Which ones are the most interesting and useful?

People suffering from swelling of the legs will be nice and helpful to use the function of air-compression foot massage that promotes lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs. Also, people with problem feet like Zero-G function - the so-called "zero gravity". This chair automatically turns so that the feet are just above their heads. Such discharge helps in the treatment of varicose veins, as well as enhances the action of back massage as it is pressed against the back of the chair stronger.

If your height - from 180 to 200 cm, choose a chair with the possibility of adjusting to high growth. Otherwise, the knees will stick out of the chair, and you will receive less of the good feeling and massage options, and for which it is purchased with a chair leg massage function.

Some seats in addition to the compression foot massage can provide and roller foot massage. So if you love the thrill of roller massage foot - note this useful and pleasant function. In addition, this massage has a favorable effect on bioactive points on the soles of the feet.

A useful feature is a function of air compression massage hands. In some chairs hands massaged only partially, in others - completely. There are seats with airbags for compression massage the shoulders, hips and waist. Some, moreover, are able to slightly rotate your spine from side to side or stretch it, which is consistent with the method of VD, Gitta, used for the treatment of degenerative disc disease.

3D-massage, claimed by some manufacturers - is a kind of movement of massage rollers, in which they especially tightly pressed against your body, following all its curves. Typically, this is achieved by bending the guide on which the moving carriage with massage rollers. This makes the massage deeper and more effective.

Other Functions usually only complement the above. Thus, in some chairs have a system of auto-scan the body, which allows the chair to automatically adjust to the height of a man, and even to identify the most painful areas of his back. There are chairs that store settings for each user. Some are equipped with speakers to play music, and even video screen.

Before selecting a chair, consider which of these functions are vital to you, and no, you can safely do. For each additional change greatly increases the cost of the chair. To increase the value of the chair can use genuine leather and other decorative materials, such as rhinestones, embroidery and even real gold leaf! On the other hand, if you can not do without the chic design, here too, there is a place to roam.

It is necessary to think about how a new chair will fit into the color scheme of the room. Many manufacturers make the most popular models in several colors, so you almost always liked the chair will be what is called "the place".

What a country-manufacturer you trust more? What budget can allocate for the purchase of a massage chair? What is the warranty period you are interested in? All this and much more you will find in our section of massage chairs.

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